Parcel Bucks Program

Did you know that each time your parcel delivery arrives late you are entitled to a credit? These credits can add up to substantial savings over time but carriers such as FedEx and UPS don’t tell you these things, nor do they tell you about additional savings opportunities in your carrier agreements . Now with our Parcel Bucks Program we can help you save two ways on your small parcel shipments.


How It Works


PeriWrap has teamed up with a national logistics optimization company who specializes in uncovering hidden dollars in your carrier invoices and contracts. They will audit every carrier invoice and line item for accuracy, service failures, and other discrepancies, and will apply credits directly to the carriers on your behalf. They carefully analyze what you’re paying to ascertain that you are getting the best rates and are not paying for packages which aren’t delivered on time or had processing mistakes. Our partner earns a percentage of your cost savings and passes the rest on to you. How do we know it works? Because we use this service ourselves and have saved close to 25% in carrier costs!


To help save even more PeriWrap has created the Parcel Bucks Program which will create credit memos each time a refund is issued or savings are found. These credits can then be applied towards future packaging purchases. By the way…our partner can also uncover savings in your LTL and 3PL contracts. To learn more contact us.