Insulated Solutions

Not sure which insulated product is right for you? Let us help you decide. Our wide range of stock and custom-made products will save you space, time and money. We offer many environmentally-friendly options, most of which can be printed with your logo or message upon request. 

poly cool insulated liners

recyclable, PET insulation, food insulation

This 100% recyclable liner is made from  post-consumer plastic and is fully curbside recyclable along with all other plastic waste. It's lightweight and stores flat, taking up less room in your storage area. Simply insert it into your box, pack and seal. Custom printing and sizing are available. 

denim insulated box liners

insulated packaging, insulated shipping box liners

Earth friendly insulated liners are made from recycled cotton fibers sandwiched between two layers of poly film or paper. These 2-piece liners are easy to assemble and can be used with either dry ice or gel packs. They're perfect for shipping fresh or frozen goods and can be custom made without any additional cost.

Corr-cool insulated paper box liner

Made from 100% post-industrial, pre-consumer cardboard fiber. this earth-friendly insulation is curbside recyclable with paper and cardboard. It offers exceptional insulating value as well as cushioned protection for your products.


Rigid earth friendly insulation

earth friendly insulation, food shipping, protective packaging

Our earth-friendly insulation is composed of recycled denim and cotton fibers sandwiched between two layers of corrugated. It's easy to assemble and can be used with dry ice or gel packs. The rigid structure eliminates the need for costly corrugated master shippers. Custom sizing and branding available at no additional cost.

one-piece insulated liners

insulated box liners

This one-piece natural cotton fiber insulation offers a sustainable and recyclable solution for perishable shipping. The flexible design folds and ships flat, saving on warehouse space and shipping costs. Custom sizing and printing is available.

bubble foil box liners

recycled bubble foil liners

Bubble foil insulated box liners are made from recycled, FDA approved plastic and foil. They're designed to fit inside standard size corrugated boxes and can be customized for your specific box size. Available in different grades, they provide as much insulation as foam coolers but take up considerably less space by storing flat.

insulated envelopes

Ideal for sending small items or product samples, these insulated envelopes provide protection and up to 48 hours of insulation. Made from foam-free, sustainable earth-friendly fibers, they contain no harmful contaminants. A self-sealing flap keeps items secure in transit.

Hot & cold delivery bags

Economical solution for local delivery of both fresh and frozen products. Insulated totes can be custom designed and branded for added marketing appeal.