Box Cents Program


What Is Box Cents?

Box Cents is our way of helping you save more money on your parcel shipments. Through our affiliate partner your small parcel shipments are tracked to make sure their guaranteed delivery times are being met.


How Does This Help Me?

Parcel delivery services don’t tell you that you’re entitled to a credit each time your shipments don’t arrive as scheduled. With Box Cents your deliveries are monitored and service credits are requested on your behalf which are then applied directly to your carrier’s invoice. Over the last year our customers saved on average 24%!


How Much Does It Cost To Enroll?

Nothing! These are credits due you that are recovered on your behalf. Our affiliate partner takes a percentage of your cost savings and passes the rest on to you. Find out more by filling out our contact form or give us a call at 888-255-2693. Someone will be happy to sign you up or answer any questions you may have.